A training manager has been frustrated with the quality of communication among trainees in his face-to-face training passions and wants to try something new.  With his supervisor’s permission, the trainer plans to convert all current training modules to a blended learning format, which would provide trainees and trainers the opportunity to interact with each other and learn the material in both a face-to-face and online environment.  In addition, he is considering putting all of his training materials on a server so that the trainees have access to resources and assignments at all times.


Formulate a best practices guide for this trainer to follow when converting his program to a distance learning format.  Include ideas and tips that could assist the trainer in facilitating communication and learning among his students.


Develop a guide that will aid any trainer in converting his or her program to a distance learning format that will adhere to the best practices necessary for a successful conversion.  The guide should focus on the Blended Learning format.  The format should provide the trainer the opportunity to interact with the trainees in a physical and online face-to-face environment.

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Converting to a Distance Learning Format


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