If you are an instructor who is interested in reading articles on the neuroscience of teaching and learning, using the visual system to learn, or even why the “learning styles” myth about education is debunked, or any other plethora of available articles that you can fathom in your mind, this is the place to find them.  The blog eLearning Learning has a section devoted to articles devoted to Brain and Instructional Design.  However, do not think that this blog site is for presenting studies and test cases; this blog site promotes training videos and articles in the use of educational tools (e.g. Adobe Captivate, simulators, etc.), leadership development, mentoring, and many more eLearning topics.  For a quick spin, I typed “brain” in the search box and click here to see what results I pulled.

Unlike eLearning Learning, Dr. Daniel Willingham has a blog site that has archives dating back to 2012 and presents many studies on various learning topics.  For example, one study that interested me is the study on student’s excessive use of computers and the effects on their social life.  Dr. Willingham states that the goal of his blog is to provide pointers to scientific findings that are applicable to education that ought to receive more attention.  You can find his blog site here.  Additionally, he has a section on videos that cover some learning topics.  An interesting one deals with the “learning styles” myth as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Sharon’s blog seems to be focused more on training seminars and conferences.  If you are interested in learning about upcoming seminars in your area, this is the site to monitor.  Although, the site also provides many useful articles on ID teaching tips, how to create effective presentations, articles on the many aspects of the brain, and she provides links for free eBooks and YouTube videos.  The following video is one that is linked to her blog.

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