In my previous post I posted three links to blogs that talk about adult learners but those blogs also discuss other topics.  Therefore, I want to elaborate a little more on what I deem those blogs sites to specialize in.  In addition, I will add another blog site that I found of interest.

  1. Obsidian Learning is a company that focuses on distributive learning using animation and web-based technology.  They develop programs that engage users rather than teaching them through passive programs.  Their blog site seems to post topics dealing with Instructional Design technical issues.  Some examples of recent posts: Adaptive Learning, Problem-Based Learning, 7 Knowledge Retention Techniques For eLearning.  Although, you will also find that some of their postings are promotions for their products or services.
  2. Learnlets has been around since 2006.  The author of the blog site is Clark Quinn.  His current blog categories are: design, games, meta-learning, mobile, social,strategy, technology. uncategorized and virtual worlds.  His blog site has archives going back to 2006 and over the years he has covered numerous topics from bamboo projects to informal learning to will at work learning.  I enjoy his blog site because I can type in keywords into his search field and pull up information pertaining to my search topic.  His writing is well organized and a pleasure to read.
  3. The Langevin Learning Services blog site posts useful experiences, tips, bets practices, and expertise on virtual training, instructional design, needs analysis, e-learning,  evaluation, presentation skills, and facilitation.  These posts are contributions from their various course leaders.  This is a great site for ideas to use in vClassrooms.
  4. Upside Learning is a blog site that presents various tools for aiding in Instructional Design.  Reviews are also posted of new products and conferences.  I found this site to be quite useful for helping me build up my educational arsenal.  In just a few days I was able to evaluate and play with some cloud animation tools.  I highly recommend you take a look at this site if you are interested in learning more about new products to spice up your lectures in the vClassroom.

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