Project Scheduling

The primary tool that I like to use for all project scheduling is the Gantt chart. The GanttProject is an open source product that in addition to providing a visual Gantt chart, it also includes resource management, calendaring resource loading and PERT charting.  This tool also allows the project manager to export parts or all of the reports to PDF, HTML and CSV.  One last great feature is that it is fully compatible with Microsoft Project.

In terms of reports, the program provides Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS), Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Network Logic, and Task Usage.  For a brief description of these types of reports visit this link.

The following video is a short tutorial on how to use the GanttProject program.


Project Estimating

Another tool which I use extensively to estimate the amount of time it will take to complete a project is the Three-Point Estimating.  Although it is not so much a tool but rather a mathematical formula used to develop estimates with input from team members.  The formula is simple to use and to memorize.  A brief description can be found here.  For a more detailed description, visit this link.

For Beginners

For people who do not have any experience working with project planning or scheduling, I would like to recommend a free eBook with lots of different examples in the various phases of project planning.  You can download the book here or just read chapter 10 which deals with Project Schedule Planning.  Do not miss this opportunity to read this tutorial that uses a practical real life scenario!


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    As usual, this is a great post. I particularly enjoyed reading about the Gantt chart. I find it valuable to have these blogs where we can share information and tools that we find useful.


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