Well, it is that time of the school year again.  It is time to sharpen my typing skills and mouse movement skills for the blogs that I am going to be posting here.  Oh joys!  I like to write but to be quite honest, I miss my old reliable manual typewriter.  Click, click, click, tap, ding. Click, click, click, tap, ding.  However, I do not miss the correction tape nor the messy ribbons and much less all those sheets of paper that I had to discard because of all the boo-boos.  Lol.

When I was in eighth grade, I had a teacher blame me for something that I did not do.  He came to my desk and picked me up by my ear and walked me to the principal’s office.  Along the way I punched him because he was hurting me.  At the principal’s office he informed the principal that I punched him but he did not tell the principal that he dragged me by my left ear.

Anyways, I was suspended until I wrote out 1000 times, “I will respect my teachers and behave in class.”  A week vacation, yipee!  Right.  As soon as I got home I started my assignment using a pad and pen.  Got bored and moved on to a typewriter.  Got tired and started using carbon copy paper (why didn’t I think of that sooner?!)  The following week I turned in my assignment.  The principal asked his secretary to count all the lines.  Boy was I mad when she discarded my carbon copies.  I challenged the principal and told him (by the way, we kids all called him Topo Gigio – like the puppet – because he was short and really chubby – just like the puppet) that he never said I could not use carbon paper.  He just told me that I had to write it out 1000 times but he did not specify how I could or could not do it.

Well, guess who won that conversation?!  That’s right… he did.  Another three days suspension plus I had to complete the assignment.  Luckily I had an compassionate and understanding mom whose son could never do no wrong.  Sigh.  Fond memories.  LOL

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  1. Troy Reply

    Would be nice if our spouses were as compassionate and understanding!!

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