After seven weeks of learning about the different existent learning theories, and in self-evaluating myself, I found that I have more methods of learning that I use that I did not recognize before.  For example, I have a network of friends and workers from whom I learn.  I have also travelled and lived in cultures outside of the United States where I have learned about foods, beliefs, customs, and languages (Social Learning Theory).

By including social networks, free and paid online courses, online acquaintances, online research, and a multitude of other connections I have also acquired knowledge.  I did not realize how many network connections I have until I drew my connection map for one of our assignments (Connectivism)

My learning also comes from previous experiences in life.  For example, I have years of experience designing electronic circuits.  However, I find that learning new designs with new components I can learn with relative ease.  Learning these new designs and methods comes second nature to me.  The same applies to learning new software languages.  Since software and hardware are in a constant flux, there is motivation to keep learning (Constructivist Theory).

As an adult, I found that I have an incessant hunger for knowledge in various fields and at various levels.  This is an attitude I never had as a teenager or in my young adult life.  I am not even sure when this hunger starting occurring (Adult Learning).

At this point in my life, I am my own decider of my destiny. I chose to be an active participant in my own learning process (Cognitive Theory).

At the start of this course, I knew I could learn but I never knew that there were so many different classifications.  I knew that I could learn by route memorization and by applying new material to situations.  However, I did not realize that I was learning through so many other means.

This course provided me the opportunity to learn about blogging.  Writing a blog was something I always wanted to do but I was afraid to try.  Now I find that setting up a blog is relatively easy and I have ideas for blogs that I want to try.  I have used mind minds in the past, so I did not learn anything in that assignment with respect to mind maps.  However, the result of the map (connectivity) was a revelation. Additionally, I have come to realize that the majority of all my learning is by using technology.  All my research is through Google, creating presentations is with PowerPoint or Captivate, writing is with MSWord, videos for presentations is with Debut Video Capture, and the technological dependence list just goes on.  Every year new products or updates emerge and I find a constant need to keep learning.

By keeping my memory constantly active, I am hoping to avoid Alzheimer.  I have read articles that show that people who speak multiple languages and/or keep their minds active tend to have a minimal chance of contracting Alzheimer’s. Only time will tell.





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