Plagiarism Detection and Prevention

Today’s students have access to a lot of information on the Internet.  Along with the ease of online information gathering comes the ease of committing plagiarism.  This could be due to a few factors.  The first being that a student just finds it easy to cheat.  The student has no...Read more

Impact of Technology and Multimedia

In my experience with on- and offline education, I find that usage of multimedia is a great way to renovate the usage of the traditional brick and mortar classroom teaching materials, e.g., whiteboards, books, flip boards, into an interactive environment that uses synchronous, asynchronous and the blended modes of pedagogy....Read more

Setting Up An Online Learning Experience

When an instructor sets up an online learning experience there are some items that the instructor should take into consideration.  For instance, to create an engaging online classroom environment the instructor should have a firm grasp on the various resources and technological tools that are available. Imagine a carpenter who...Read more

Online Learning Communities

Dr. Rena Palloff and Dr. Keith Pratt, 2010, in their video describe how online learning communities help students pull together to support one another in a learning process.  Community learning help the students explore the content of courses and in co-constructing knowledge and meaning about the content being learned.  The...Read more

Analyzing Scope Creep

We landed a contract to develop a documentation program with a small firm from Italy. The program was to replace a current program in use that is over 15 years old.  Everything started off fine.  The customer explained to me exactly what was needed and what steps he wanted to...Read more

Project Schedule and EstimatingActivity Duration

Project Scheduling The primary tool that I like to use for all project scheduling is the Gantt chart. The GanttProject is an open source product that in addition to providing a visual Gantt chart, it also includes resource management, calendaring resource loading and PERT charting.  This tool also allows the...Read more

Communicating Effectively

EMAIL In order to effectively communicate through writing a person needs to have a firm grasp on the rules of grammar and spelling.  Without proper grammar, the message sent by the sender can be misunderstood by the receiver.  Additionally, many people tend to use the wrong homophones in their writings...Read more

Lives Lost

A certain company that I worked for brought opprobrium upon itself when management refused to repair a faulty design to a certain medical equipment used in hospital operating rooms. A few patients had passed due to the faulty equipment and the hospitals wanted answers. As a consultant, I was called...Read more

Project Management (Course 6145)

I have never taken a project management course; however, the hard knocks of life have forced me to learn through trial and error various aspects of project management.  I have used more organizational skills in my software development company, utilizing Gantt charts with time constraints, budgeting, resource planning and risk...Read more

Reflection on Distance Learning

Distance learning has evolved over time.  We started with radio and television and evolved into the Blackboard type of MOOGs.  In the process, we have gone from a teacher-centric type learning (where the teacher transfers information to the student) to a learner-centric type learning (where the learner seeks and learns...Read more